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Welcome to Steadfeather Capital

Dedication / Commitment + Agility / Adaptability

Steadfeather Capital is providing one business owner a succession opportunity by acquiring a single company and operating it for the long term

You've built a company you're proud of. You care about your mission and employees. We do, too.

We care about giving you an attractive, customizable business succession opportunity and driving sustainable growth, all while preserving the legacy you created.


We will supply resources and support to ensure a smooth transition.

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One business = one entrepreneur

Steadfeather Capital is one entrepreneur seeking to buy one business. Backed by a team of 20+ investors and operators, Jessica is an entrepreneur whose experience spans across operational improvement, relationship management, and innovation. She is looking to build upon what you have created.

Flexible and agreeable transition plans

We commit to a flexible and mutually agreeable ownership transition. We don’t have a mandate requiring any length of time commitment or financial incentives, but we can be flexible in getting a transaction done in a way that aligns with your desired exit.

Preserving your company's legacy

The long-term enduring success of the company will be preserved. Unlike private equity firms, we won’t be buying your business for parts or making decisions with short-term financial incentives in mind. We want to sustain your legacy.


(650) 307-5882

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